Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It Halloween as and in the spirit of trick or treat I thought to take this oppurtunity to advertise the goodies on my side bar. Just a quick, what they do and why I've linked them.

Fundie Watch

An absolutely hillarious blog, mostly picking apart a man named Matt J Barber who seems to be the only member of Concerned Women for America (Go figure!).

Bay of Fundie

A slightly more in depth analysis of fundie propeganda from all over the spectrum. Check out Kook Watch while you're there!

Christopher Hitchens (a.k.a. build up that wall)

The author of the wonderful book: 'God is not great'. If you have a few dollars lying around I suggest you buy it! Posting on the forums here is another great way of spreading the message and getting people motivated!

Richard Dawkins

The much publicized book 'The God Delusion' brought atheism to the publics attention, with some hillarious results on Bill O'Reilly. The site has some great resources too!

Carnival of the Godless

Carnival of the Godless is like a magazine. The content varies from week to week and it covers a broad range of tones from deadly serious to absolutely hillarious. They update every 2 weeks and it is definitely a must read!

Atheist Blogroll

Its over 400 blogs dealing with atheism and agnosticism in one place! What could be better? I've pasted the link above and to the side, please look through and if you see anything you like click on it!


AIGBusted said...
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Anonymous said...

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