Monday, November 26, 2007

Thinking: Good For The Soul

Well it's been a while since I updated. Mostly because I've just moved continents but also because we have received no further replies from candidates. Although most of the candidates I contacted are perfectly happy to spam my inbox 6 times a day (I'm looking at you Bill Richardson) but not reply to my questions.

Most Disheartening.


An Art Project is being assembled. The final grant application won't be processed until January but we're preparing now!

It is a many faceted project which will encompass a book, street performances and artwork in picture and video form. Todays call to arms regards the street performances.

We (By which I mean a crack team of atheists with nothing better to do, if you'd like to be one of them please email me at crispymartian @ hotmail dot com) are going to be standing at various locations (at the moment it is St Paul's Cathedral, Speakers Corner in London, The Vatican & The First Cathedral of Christ in Moscow, more places to be added soon) wearing billboards with questions written on them. Attached to the billboard will be a number of creative utensils including charcoal, marker pens and paints for people to submit their answers on.

The people wearing these billboards will not approach anyone in the street, nor will they be trying to steer anyone away from their specific God. The point of this exercise is to get people thinking, and to share ideas in a comfortable environment.

So! The first draft of questions is halfway through and here they are:

Who is God?
How can I be Happy/Why Am I Unhappy?
I Sacrificed Myself For You: Discuss
Should My Body Be Hidden?
Polyester/Cotton Blend = Abomination?
Selfish Prayers Here:
Confess Your Sins Here:
What is Sin?
Who Is Evil?
Why Are We Here?
How am I Here?
Why Won't God Heal Amputees (This question was stolen from a website with the same name. I have yet to ask the owners permission and will need it before I use it in any official sense)
What Would God Say To You?
Is My Love/Reality Not Enough?
Our Lady Of:?
Why Love Your Enemies?
If The Rapture is Coming: What Was The Point?
How Did All Those Animals Fit on That Tiny Boat?
What Is Creation?
Where Does Your Goodness Come From?
Who Are You/What Makes You You?
What Is Holy? - If people write polo's I will be the happiest girl in the universe
In The Bible God Killed 2,270,365 People; Wouldn't You Rebel?
What If They're Wrong?
This Building Cost £-. How Would You Spend The Money?

Please please please let us know which questions you like and which ones you don't. Any suggestions for more questions can be added in the comments and if you'd like to receive updates on this project or if you'd like to be a part of it please email me. If we get this grant we will be covering travel costs of all the people who come to our billboard extravaganzas.

And please see my previous entries for other fun atheist projects.

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