Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Candidates

To find out what the heck is going on please go here: How this all began

This is just a list of presidential hopefuls with links to their: Contact Me pages so you can send them your own letter! Show the polititians we have a voice! Regardless of your political stance, we should NOT be a silent minority. Please send any replies you receive to us here at GodlessHeathen so others can read!

(I oppose using capitals to accentuate a point however I'm unable to use Italics on this thing at the moment, please ignore it)

The Democrats

Joe Biden
Senator of Delaware
Status: Has not replied

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Senator of New York
Status: Has replied with an apology. "Your query cannot be answered"

Chris Dodd
Senator of Connecticut
Status: Has not replied

John Edwards
Former Senator of North Carolina
Status: Has not replied

Mike Gravel
Former Senator of Alaska
Status: Has not replied

Dennis Kucinich
Representative of Ohio's 10th District
Status: Has not replied

Barack Obama
Senator of Illinois
Status: Has replied! Read it here

Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico
Status: Has not replied

The Republican Candidates

Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York
Status: Has not replied

Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas
Status: Has not replied

Duncan Hunter
Representative of Riverside, California
Status: Has not replied

Alan Keyes
Former Reagan diplomat
Status: Has not replied

John McCain
Senator of Arizona
Status: Has not replied

Ron Paul
Representative from Texas
Status: Has replied! See it here

Tom Tancredo
Representative from Colorado
Status: Has not replied
(Please note Mr Tancredo's email link does not work, I had to fax him.)

Fred Thompson
Former Senator of Tennessee
Status: Has not replied

Happy emailing!

If you would like to contact Mitt Romney please do so here. I personally don't trust myself to write to him in a pleasant and inquisitive manner, as I hope I have done all the others, and as such will not be expecting a reply any time soon! If any of you write to him and receive a reply please send it in!

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