Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reply from Ron Paul

Ron Paul is our first replier and I would like to thank Chris Robertson for getting back to me so swiftly.

Here is the email:

Dear .....,

Thank you for taking the time to write the campaign to personally find out more about Dr. Paul's view on the role of faith in his life. One of Dr. Paul's primary messages is about personal freedom and liberty, meaning that government should not dictate individual behavior to people so long as they are not engaging in activity that harms others. A person's faith is a deeply personal and private issue which the government should never dictate. Dr. Paul supports personal and economic freedom, including the choice to not engage in organized religion. Let me also refer you to this link, it outlines Dr. Paul's position on racism and prejudice which I think outlines his position rather well. I'm sure you will understand the relevance as it relates to your question.

Yours in Liberty,
Chris Robertson
Ron Paul 2008

Please leave a comment for Mr Paul and the rest of us! Free speech and discussion, you've gotta love 'em!


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. While I respect your humanist beliefs, here’s our peAce de resistance: doesn't matter whether you believe or not, pal, you're STILL gonna croak in our lifelong demise; then, while our mortal bodies are recycled in the grave after our Finite Existence, our indelible soul rises-up to be judged at the General Judgment. Here’s the point I want you to consider before you leave this world: sex in Heaven. Why not?? Can’t God provide everything? Thot so. The Trinity is just as happy you made it to the realm where we can have anything we desire for eternity rather than the realm where we can have absolutely-placebo-nuthin; if Almighty God provides everything else, why not passionate, intimate love make’n for the length of eternity? Besides worship on ‘Sunday’, dunno bout you, but I want that. See, God knew the ol El Diablo would lie like a rug and trick U.S. into believing love make’n wouldn’t be possible in Heaven, so why not git a buncha ho’s and condemn yourself? Lookit Eminem. ‘Sex is just for earth’ you say? WRONG. If you have the desire, anything and everything is possible in the Great Beyond. So dream big, America. God loves that. God loves U.S. to ‘pull Him down outta the sky’ and fantasize about where we’re going. God can and will provide if we have a seed of faith. God will water. I have faith in you, too. God bless you with discernment. -1 Peter 4:8-

Ps Type-out on your browser 'Pascal's wager'. If you lookit our profile, you’ll see my website; on the front page (blue), down on the bottom, you’ll see a quote by Saint Gertrude. Be at peace. Enjoy.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Glad you kept it, girl. Does that mean you're think'n about the vertical? I hope so... because then you and me can be at the BIG-ol celebration in the Great Beyond for maaany eons, miss gorgeous. Nevertheless, as your indelible soul rises to be judged on what YOU alone have done with your finite existence, y'better think summore on where you wanna spend eternity. Time’s running out on U.S. Here's what I did. I was involved in an severe accident at 15 with my sweetheart, 17 (you can read my profile). Nevertheless, I found what few other human mortals on this swiftly, decaying planet have yet to discover: a Way Home, past this violence and materialism that has so engulfed our populace on this journey to our demise; because you’re ignorant on how to rise above the horizontal and one-outta-one shall croak sometime, somewhere soon, God has set-up this magnificent feature on the Way either Upstairs or downtown: the Warning. Everyone (me, too) living on this planet will see and feel the Warning lasting about 20ish minutes, showing U.S. a gorgeous picture of Heaven, Purgatory, and dagnasty Hell. Remember, God doesn’t condemn; we condemn ourselves by our sinful lifestyles of unbelief. The Warning’s just a wake-up call. Don’t believe me? You will soon. God bless you with discernment: atheism is cool, isn't it, till you croak...